Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Tomb Of The First Pythia Ancient Stele Discovered

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I. Introduction:

There are no Ancient Mechanisms like the ones you found in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Tomb of the first Pythia. But just because there isn’t a wider ending behind, these tombs don’t look like they’re not worth finishing. Other than going up your Hero to Level 50, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey tomb of the first Pythia offers the only viable changeable to farming Ability Points for the Hunter, Warrior and Assassin skill paths. Let’s find out more!

II. Maps and Locations:

Always have a torch beside you already before you go into a tomb. Even if it’s a day outside, every tomb of the first Pythia will be a bit of blackening when you get in. Simply click ‘Right’ on the D-Pad to equip it. There are also dark braziers scattered over each tomb. You can fire these by simply standing next to them, and they’ll light up.

Tomb Of The First Pythia Ancient Stele Discovered

Most every tomb is connected to linear, but some have a variety of points of entry and maze-like layouts. So be definite to use these braziers to keep you on the way. We’ve also listed the right ways to take for each one, so you should be more than okay as long as you chase our walkthrough for each one. The tomb of the first Pythia may have the normal soldier outside, but the only danger you’ll discover inside is spike pads and snakes.

These reptiles are customized to look like coils of rope, so be sure to dodge back and away if one coil in destruction. Spike pads are extremely sensitive, but you’ll have a few seconds to run away before they shoot upwards and affect your health.

Each tomb also has lots of chests to take (which are contained weapons/gear relative to the enemies that elevate the region you’re currently in – so there’s no scaling whatsoever), as well as dead bodies, bags, and pots to loot for drachmae and crafting/sellable items.

There are no real quizzes to solve in these tombs, bar hidden gaps in the wall (usually stuck by smashable pots), collapsible walls (maintains with lots of cracks/wooden planks) and wooden shelves that can be moved to open gaps or mantled to reach harder platforms.

1.     Tomb of Alkathous location, solution, and the tomb of the first Pythia ancient stele

This tomb is settled at the western edge of the Valley of King Lelex.

Get inside the doorway and turn left when you go into the circular room. Now break the wooden spikes standing in front of the doorway on the far side of the room, and then take your torch. Take down the snake at the end of the corridor, go over the doorway, and keep going forward. Go down the stairs, then the next stage, then turn left at the bottom. Keep going straight and you’ll see the glittering tablet at the end of the corridor. Just check it!

Tomb of Alkathous

2.     Tomb of the First Pythia Stele location, solution, and tomb ancient stele

This tomb is lying on the Grand Mount Parnassos region of Phokis.

It’s stated in the northeast of the Sanctuary of Delphi. The entrance is located close to a statue surrounded by pilgrims. Get inside and you’ll see a lit brazier, with two dead ends on either side. Follow the way to the other room and loot it for coins.

Now you have to turn back to the brazier intersection. You’ll meet a gap in the wall blocked by some furniture. Get into the opposite dead-end and break the pots to reveal a gap you can connect. Smash the snake inside, turn left, and go down the stairs to see a large room. Inside, next to your right, is a box. The middle of this room is closely sensitive and will scare you with spikes so watch out. There are also more of snakes in here. Break the pots on the far side of the room to open another cap. Chase this into a room with the statue for a chest (with some silver boots). Go back to the spike room and go out through the doorway that’s now to your right.

Follow this way, watching out for snakes and collecting coins. Turn left, then right, and unlock the hidden opening on the wall directly in front of you. Head through and take down the two snakes in the adjoining room before claiming the tomb of the first Pythia ancient stele.

Tomb of the First Pythia Stele

3.     Mycenaean Tomb of Ajax location, solution, and the tomb ancient stele map

This tomb is stated in the center of the Isle of Salamis.

There will be four soldiers outside at the stage of 20, so face them first before going inside. Take down the planks in the second room to open a doorway. Switch out a torch, then burn the snake inside. Now turn right. Go down the stairs, turn left, and then turn right. Remember the spike floor pad to your right in front of a hole in the wall that’s stood in your way by a wooden shelf on the other side. Turn left, go down the stairs, and turn right. Now head down the next flight of stairs, turn right, and go down the corridor. Turn left before the moment of the fallen pillar and get into the room.

Inside is a chest, but there are lots of snakes lying on the ground so be careful. Now turn back and jump over the pillar. You have to turn right and enter the next big chamber. Don’t pay attention to the gap in the wall to your left. It’s just full of spikes, snakes, and no loot. Loot the one on your right instead and take the chest. Return to the central room and take the hole in the opposite wall where you first entered. Burn the snake, turn left, over the spike pad and rubble, over the pillar, and up the stairs. Take down the snake, turn left, and up the stairs. Turn right, up to the stairs, turn left, and turn left again.

In the room with the giant hole in the floor, jump down, take the chest and pots before using the tomb stele to complete it. Change the wooden shelves and beware of the spiked pad on the other side of the hole before you leave.

Mycenaean Tomb of Ajax

4.     Tomb of Eteokles location, solution, and the tomb stele map

This tomb has various points of entry, but most of them are dead ends.

Instead, get into the assassin’s creed odyssey from the front where the two statues standing in the front yard. Jump past the stone table, break the wooden planks blocking your way, turn right then turn right again. Be careful with the floor spikes and snakes. Turn right, go down the stairs, watch out the floor spikes at the bottom and go into the room with the statue. Take down the pots dead ahead to enter a single room with a snake and some coins. From the chamber (with the statue now standing opposite to you), escape through the doorway to your left. Turn right, then left at the statue, then right again and through a doorway.

In this wooden room, follow the way around to the right, unlock the chest then pull the wooden lock to the right. Now go back around to the other side, pull the shelves here backward, and then to the left in the hole you just created. Now exit through the gap you’ve revealed in the wall. You have to turn right, then left at the statue and get outside through the doorway. There are three snakes, a chest and the tomb of the first Pythia ancient stele. Move the wooden shelves to open a gap and a handy way out of this place.

Tomb of Eteokles

5.     Pheidon’s Tomb location, solution, and tomb of the first Pythia ancient stele map

Stated in the west of Argos, this tomb is carved into the side of a hill.

Get into the main chamber, switch up a torch, then head through the doorway. Destroy the planks to unlock a new doorway. Watch out of floor spikes. Slip under the hole to your left to open a chest with a weapon. Get back in the corridor, the doorway on the other side is stood by a wooden shelf. Turn left at the end of the corridor, then burn the three snakes.

Now turn right. There are various pots atop pressure pads. Smash a path through the fast lot, then the second, jumping back and taking advantages of arrows to face the snakes that hatch from the second cluster of pots. To finish, turn right after the big floor spikes pad. Get the chest and the pots then destroy the wooden planks to open a chamber with the tomb inside. Push the two wooden shelves to return to the ancient corridor. Be aware of the big spike pad as you leave.

Pheidon's Tomb

6.     Agamemnon’s Tomb location, solution, and tomb stele map

This tomb is on the way in the Palace of Agamemnon region.

It’s almost in the middle and can be searched southwest of Mycenae. Inside, lighten a torch, turn left in the first chamber and destroy the planks to open the doorway in the second. Get down the stairs and turn left. Go on and down the stairs is a dead end (blocked by a wooden shelf). Collect the coins that are there. Turn back up the stairs, turn right, get down the stairs and turn right. In this chamber, you’ll need to run the smaller wooden shelves around the chamber with all the spike pads. Keep switching which direction you’re pushing/pulling from so you don’t get arrested before the animation can be closed.

When it’s at the far end, use the shelf to jump over the wooden spike wall. Unlock the chest through the doorway, turn right and get into a room with a big hole in the floor. The tomb of the first Pythia stele is on the other side. There are some pots by a small hole in the wall. Destroy them and walk through to find a chest and lots of coins. When you take the stele, move the shelves on the other side to opposite to the blocked corridor. Now exit the tomb.